Blog: Oh, Argentina

Well there are several reasons for me still being in Argentina (7.5 weeks thus far) the majority of which involve Quilmes and Quilmes related activities. But it would be wrong to simply blame the beer. Argentina is simply an amazing place to be right now. Leaving Buenos Aires was hard enough as it was, but we pulled it off; the problem now is snow. We arrived in Mendoza on friday and had planned on staying a few days before we crossed into Chille, but due to some 2 meters of snow blocking the pass over the Andes, we find ourselves awaiting the blessing of mother nature.

Fortunatly for us, the Under 21 Wolrd Rugby Championships are being held here right now, and wandering the town over the weekend i signed two autographs and posed for one picture. Today we watched New Zealand beat Canada 92-7 and Australia edge Argentina 25-20, so its not really so bad being stuck here. Oh yeah, did i mention that Mendoza is the heart of the Argentinian wine country??? Anywho, i will fill in the gaps later, when i allow myself to find the time, just be happy you get a little insight as to where im at and where im headed.