seattle brewery tour

The pacific-northwest is a craft beer mecca. While Portland, Oregon gets most of the spotlight when it comes to the Craft Beer revolution, Seattle and Vancouver – and every city in-between – have been moving up the rankings as the years go by.

On a rainy weekend at the end of March 2015, i decided to take the short trip down the I-5 from Vancouver to Seattle to meet with a friend. He was judging beers at a competition in Portland, and we decided to meet halfway. We spent our day sampling some of Seattle’s finest craft beer. Here are the highlights!

Includes photos from the following breweries:

  • Elysian Brewing (Capitol Hill)
  • Reuben’s Brews (Ballard)
  • Peddler Brewing (Ballard)
  • Freemont Brewing (Freemont)

(all photos taken on my Galaxy 5 cell phone camera) 

The first stop: Elysian Brewing. 2015.

I enjoyed a Dragonstooth Stout while I waited for Jeff to fight through Seattle traffic. 2015.

I loved the exterior of Reuben’s Brews warehouse brewery. 2015.

Inside the tasting room wss small, and was right next to their brewing tanks. 2015.

Reuben’s however did have a very convenient sample tray. 2015.

Peddler Brewing. A bicycle themed brewery. 2015.

Peddler Samples. 2015.

I loved the outside of Freemont Brewing, with hops growing in old barrels. 2015.

We had to order three sample boards in order to try every beer at Freemont. 2015.

View of downtown from Freemont. 2015.