I wasn’t in Miami for long; in fact, it was less than 36 hours. It was a surprise vacation. I didn’t have much time to plan the trip. The one day I set out to explore the city and take pictures, was raining all morning. In my less than 36 hours in Miami, I spent most of my time either sleeping, eating or walking – primarily admiring the Grafitti in the very cool Wynwood neighborhood. Not the “fun” or “party” Miami that I would have expected had you asked me “what do you think you would do in Miami?”

I basically had one day of daylight to walk around. So I didn’t end up with a lot of scenic or artistic pictures – I do however have endless pictures of Grafitti, which can be seen here Miami street art. 

The best thing I did in Miami was seeking out one of the best Cubano Sandwiches in the city. I found a little diner called Enriqueta’s, an old mom and pop diner. This was a very cool experience, walking into the establishment made me feel like I had stepped back in time. As for my time exploring the city, Wynwood was definitely the highlight. The area is covered in amazing graffiti from world-renowned Street Artists. I stopped by Miami’s first Craft Brewery – Wynwood Brewing Company – for an amazing sampling of their beers. This was before lunch, so it also made the walk to find my sandwich quite fun.

While it was only a short trip, Miami blew my expectations out of the water, especially considering the weather kept me away from the famous beaches. I would definately go back!

Miami Skyline. 2018.

Wynwood Grafitti. 2018.

Art on a Plane. 2018.

Art on a Plane. 2018.

Wynwood Walls. 2018.

Stop! 2018.

Enriqueta’s. 2018.

Miami Skyline. 2018.

Marlins Stadium. 2018.

Star Wars Grafitti. 2018.