mexican graffiti part two

The most impressive part about the Street Art in Mexico is the sheer number of quality pieces found all over the place. Anytime I find myself exploring a new part of town, or a new city altogether, I end up with a few new photos on my phone. On more than one occasion here in Playa del Carmen – and of course while out on the road exploring – I have gone out specifically with my SLR on hunts for some of my favorites.

This is the second part of my Mexican Grafitti hunt –part one contains many places from Isla Holbox and Mujeres, Candun and Tulum – while this second post contains pictures mostly from Playa del Carmen, with a few from Bacalar and Mahahual thrown in for good measure.

I hope you enjoy.

Sunglasses. 2017.

Three Monkeys. 2017.

Reflection. 2017.

Bridge Pillars. 2017.

Hear no Evil. 2017.

Red Flower. 2017.

Purple Pillar. 2017.

Red Pillar. 2017.

Octopus. 2017.

Birds. 2017.

Parrot. 2017.

Silenced. 2017.

Island Grafiti. 2017.

Sideways Face. 2017.

Sideways Face. 2017.

See no Evil. 2017.

Girl in Water. 2017.

Woman. 2017.

Speak no Evil. 2017.

Girls under Water. 2017.