mexican graffiti part one

One of my favourite things about living in Mexico is an abundance of amazing street art scattered throughout the cities. It is everywhere you look. Some of it really stands out. It transforms an otherwise boring wall into something with beauty and meaning.

During my 5 months in Mexico,  I´ve made it part of my mission to take as many photos as possible while i am surrounded by such beautiful artwork. This is part one. It contains pictures from all over the Riviera Maya, including Tulum, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox.


Mayan Robot. 2017.

Green Crab in a Can. 2017.

Face. 2017.

Fish with houses. 2017.

Half a Head. 2017.

Graffiti. 2017.

Art on the Door. 2017.

Cash. 2017.

Face. 2017.

Music Man. 2017.

Trippy Fish. 2017.

Lips. 2017.

Alto. 2017.

Houses on a Fish. 2017.

Face. 2017.

Wall on a wall. 2017.

Hypno toad. 2017.

Face. 2017.

Face. 2017.

Whale. 2017.