lower manhattan

Lower Manhattan is the beating heart of the American Capitalist machine. Especially if you are there on a weekday when the markets let out, the streets are filled with suits and the air smells like money. Home to New Yorks financial district, Wall Street and many of the major US and world bank headquarters, the place has a certain buzz to it.

I have travelled to New York on several occasions in the last 11 years, the first time being back in 2006. During this time I have also photographed and documented the slow reconstruction of the World Trade Center and memorial. In 2013, i was even lucky enough to get a chance to climb to the top of the new World Trade Tower during construction, and was treated to some amazing views of the city.

Three Bridges. 2013.

Defiant Girl. 2012.

World Trade One. 2012.

Universal Soldier. 2013.

Trade Center Memorial. 2006.


World Trade Reflection. 2012.

Wall Street. 2006.

World Trade Rebirth. 2008.

Reflecting Pools. 2013.

Defiant Girl. 2017.

Raging Bull. 2006.

Memorial. 2013.

Completed Tower. 2017.

Firefighters Memorial. 2008.

Buildings. 2017.

Broadway/Wall. 2008.


Jail Bush. 2008.