la habana

Havana is about to get a face lift after years of neglect. The first impression that the city gives off is one neglect, a city lost from the past, about to escape from the time capsule its been locked in for the last 70 years.  Its still very much a place thats off the beaten track despite the influx of new tourism over the last few years. At first glance, the city is falling apart. Your eyes are first greeted to a crumbling colonial infrastructure and streets dominated by classic American cars from the 1950’s. We stayed in the Centro district, probably the least developed part of town.

Under the surface there is a different story to tell. First impressions aren’t always everything. The city has a beautiful soul which escapes the initial visual blockade. The city has a deep history; many forts and castles from the colonial age remain. 500 years of history is hard to . Havana looks great in photos. It quickly becomes a place you fall in love with, a place you could see yourself staying for a little while. There is a certain charm that’s hard to put your finger on. The city has a pulse. It’s hard to explain.

You have to visit Havana. And soon! It’s going to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the years to come. Buildings will be given a facelift or rebuilt altogether. The prices will go up. Already it has become a cruise ship destination, and the old town has already received it’s face-lift. The Malecon will one day be lined with Starbucks and Burger Kings. Its hard to say if it will loose the heart and soul that makes Havana what it is today. This isn’t a chance I would recommend taking.


Cuba. 2017.

Heroes of the Revolution. 2017.

Che. 2017.

Photographer. 2017.

Fishermen. 2017.

Photographer. 2017.

Fort. 2017.

Lighthouse. 2017.

Malecon. 2017.

Cuban Flag. 2017.

Bacardi Building. 2017.

Capitolo. 2017.

Revolution Square. 2017.

Tank. 2017.

Havana Streets. 2017.

El Cocinero. 2017.

Havana Club. 2017.

Havana Club. 2017.

Fountain. 2017.

Habana. 2017.