classic cars in cuba

Some of the cars sparkle in the sunshine; beautiful, well maintained classics and look as if they could probably drive straight into a museum – or back onto the showroom floor they had just come from. There are also some which hardly look road worthy – both American and Soviet – that billowed smoke as they passed by. The spectrum of cars found on the streets of Havana was striking, contrasting each other as they maneuvered the streets.

Everyone wants to take pictures of the post-card worthy 1950’s American Classics. I tried to find some that were maybe less post-card ready to mix into my collection.  Many of these old cars are taxi’s now, driven across town for tourists with money. We took a few of these as we explored Havana over a weekend. They cost a little bit more than the standard transportation, but it’s hard to resist the urge to transport yourself back to the 1950’s, before the embargo began.

Taxi. 2017.

Purple Car – Capitolo. 2017.

Taxi. 2017.

Tank and Cars. 2017.

Green Car. 2017.

Pink. 2017.

Taxi. 2017.

Green Cars. 2017.

Red Convertable. 2017.

Victoria. 2017.

Green Truck / Shoes on a Wire. 2017.

Red Car. 2017.

Blue Car. 2017.