Amsterdam is best known for the narrow canals that line the central city, a vibrant art and gallery scene and a liberal view on drugs. At no point does the city disappoint, there was something new to experience at every turn. The sun was shining and the tulips were in bloom; the food was surprisingly amazing and the people were friendly. It was never hard to find something to do. It instantly became one of my favourite cities in the world.

This was the first stop on our tour of Europe. We arrived in Amsterdam early in the morning, after a long sleepless trans-Atlantic flight, and resisted the urge to take a nap. We spent three days enjoying the city, wandering along the canals and taking in the natural beauty of the city. This 3 day stop-over was the perfect re-introduction to the continent.


Steeple. 2015.

Bridge and Canal. 2015.

“a”. 2015.

Girl in Water. 2015.

iamsterdam. 2015.

Museum. 2015.

Bike Storage. 2015.

Anne Frank Huis. 2015.

Narrow Streets. 2015.

Housefronts. 2015.

Houseboat. 2015.

Railing. 2015.

Canal. 2015.

Canal. 2015.

Heineken Brewery. 2015.

Heineken Brewery. 2015.

Heineken Brewery 2015.

Amsterdam. 2015.