buenos aires + argentina

My two trips to South America couldn’t be more different. Both of these trips had me arrive in Buenos Aires at some point during my travels.

These two trips were 13 years apart, so the contrast between the two couldn’t be more different. I came once as a 22-year old backpacker in 2005, and just recently in 2017, as an adult traveler. As a result, my photos – and experiences – from both trips couldn’t contrast each other more.

In 2005, i was more interested in the very active nightlife of Buenos Aires – with the intention of drinking the town of Buenos Aires dry. This last time – in November 2017 – was a little bit more about enjoying the views, some different neighborhoods and eating some nicer meals. Enjoying Argentinian and Uruguayan beef should be high up on anyone’s list of things when visiting this corner of the world.

This post has photos from Buenos Aires (2005 & 2017) and from Cordoba (2017).

Obliesk. 2017.

Avenida 18 Julio. 2017.

Capitollo. 2017.

Buenos Aires. 2017.

Cordoba Cathedral. 2017.

Cordoba River. 2017.

Cordoba. 2017.

Obelisk. 2005.

Puerto. 2017.

Capitollo. 2017.

Cordoba. 2017.

Buenos Aires. 2005

Cordoba. 2017.

Flower. 2017.

City Sunset. 2005.

Recoleta Cemetary. 2017.

Lion. 2017.

Caskets. 2017.

War Paint. 2005.

River Plate Stadium. 2005

Brazil vs Argentina. 2005.

Rooftop. 2005.

The “Mesa de Cerveca”. 2005.

The Limehouse. 2005.