Hello Brooklyn! I have been to New York on many occasions, but this was the first (2017) that i set out to get some great pictures of Brooklyn. Its a huge area, with many very different and distinct areas that make it into a patchwork of Neighbourhoods.

Dumbo. 2017.

Brooklyn Bridge Cables. 2006.

Brooklyn Bridge. 2017.

Brooklyn Piers. 2017.

Notorious. 2017.

Snail. 2017.

Trump. 2017.

Brooklyn Bridge. 2008.

Brooklyn Tower. 2008.

Lafayette Subway. 2017.

Brooklyn Heights. 2017.

Brooklyn Piers. 2017.

Brooklyn Piers. 2017.

Brooklyn Bridge. 2017.

Brooklyn Brewery. 2017.

Brooklyn Brewery. 2017.

Bed-Stuy Rooftops. 2017.

Bedford Ave. 2017.

Floating Community Garden. 2017.

Brooklyn Marina. 2017.